Rise of the Runelords

Session 1
Welcome to Sandpoint

While each of the heroes has arrived in Sandpoint for his or her own reasons, they were all fortunate enough to arrive in time for the Swallowtail Festival, a celebration to commemorate the opening of the newly rebuilt Sandpoint Cathedral. The former cathedral was lost in a fire that claimed the lives of the former priest, Father Ezakien Tobyn, and his adopted aasimar daughter Nualia. The fire spread amongst several buildings on the northern side of the town, and countless hours have been spent rebuilding. This tragedy come swiftly on the heels of the fall of a madman known as the Chopper, a murderer who claimed the lives of 25 citizens of the town. Suprisingly, the Chopper turned out to be none other than Jervis Stoot, a quiet and contemplative man who was often seen carving beautiful wooden birds around town. Chopper’s reign of terror lasted for a month before he was cornered by guardsman Belor Hemlock, and took his own life before a demonic altar hidden under his house on the bluff now known as Chopper’s Rock. After five years of rebuilding, Sandpoint citizens saw the Swallowtail Festival as the start of a new life for everyone, and a chance to finally overcome “the late unpleasantness.”

The heroes wandered around Sandpoint, meeting each other at various locations and exploring on their own. Lily found a great source of infomation in Zordlon, who was able to tell Lily of her particular style of arcane magic. Keegan discovered a well-stocked bookstore in town, though it was closed due to the festival. Zordlon asked around town, hoping to find work as an alchemist to supplement his income during his stay, and was told by fellow scholar Brodert Quink that he would make arrangements. Greg spent his time participating in tests of strength, easily outperforming the local farmers. Symon also tried his luck in tests of coordination, and his skills attracted the attention of several local children, who followed him in awe.


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The Characters
The Heroes Step Forth

Our campaign begins with several unrelated new adventurers travelling to the small Varisian town of Sandpoint. From various directions they travelled, each with a different purpose.

Raised in a small farming community, Greg Trister dreamed of escaping from his humble background. Saving all the money he earned working at the farms near his parents’ home, he purchased a longsword, shield, and armor. Turning his back on his past, he set out to make a name for himself by slaying monsters. Rumors heard on the road have led him to Sandpoint, searching for the elusive Sandpoint Devil that has been rumored to terrorize the local farms.

Symon D’Kar, as he is currently known, was trained in secret by the Church of Pharasma as an agent of the Goddess of Fate and Death. As his basic training drew to a close, Symon was sent on his own from the temple where he was trained. His masters declared that training could only teach so much, and Symon must now rely on his own skill and knowledge. After spending countless days on the road, Symon has arrived in Sandpoint looking for a roof over his head and warm meal while he recovers from the road.

When she was an infant, the half-elven girl known as Lily was found by a Shoanti tribe, seemingly abandoned in the woods. Though the tribesmen took the child in, she was always an outsider, never fitting in with the men and women who raised her. When she began having conversations with a raven she called Elle, the tribe turned their backs on the half elf. She has spent the past year on her own, living in the wilds outside of Sandpoint and learning arcane secrets from her familiar Elle. Lily has always been curious about the strange people that lived in the town, and the recent activity leading up to the Swallowtail Festival has piqued her interest enough to travel in to the town.

Zordlon Silverstaff is the elven son of a minor noble family in Korvosa, trained at the Acadamae as a wizard. Drawn to the magical school of Conjuration, Zordlon spent countless hours perusing the tomes in the school’s library, attempting to learn as much as he could about his Art. It was here he met Keegan, a gnome who worked in the library. The two became fast friends as they discussed various topics, and both enjoyed their comfortable lives in the large city. Unfortunately, Zordlon’s family fell upon hard times and were unable to pay his tuition to the Acadamae, leading his teachers to dismiss Zordlon on a “research sabbatical,” sending him to western Varisia to research the ancient Thassilonian ruins that dotted the landscape. Keegan, on the other hand, was forced out by his parents, who feared that his obsession with books would cause him to succumb to the Bleaching early in his life. They demanded he go out and experience all that the world had to offer, and the diminutive cleric of Cayden Cailean left his childhood home with all of his belongings. Fortunately, he crossed paths with Zordlon as the elf was preparing to board a ship to the west, and the two friends decided to travel together. Their ship carried them west along Conqueror’s Bay, then traveled in to the Varisian Gulf before dropping the passengers off in Sandpoint.


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