Rise of the Runelords

Session 1

Welcome to Sandpoint

While each of the heroes has arrived in Sandpoint for his or her own reasons, they were all fortunate enough to arrive in time for the Swallowtail Festival, a celebration to commemorate the opening of the newly rebuilt Sandpoint Cathedral. The former cathedral was lost in a fire that claimed the lives of the former priest, Father Ezakien Tobyn, and his adopted aasimar daughter Nualia. The fire spread amongst several buildings on the northern side of the town, and countless hours have been spent rebuilding. This tragedy come swiftly on the heels of the fall of a madman known as the Chopper, a murderer who claimed the lives of 25 citizens of the town. Suprisingly, the Chopper turned out to be none other than Jervis Stoot, a quiet and contemplative man who was often seen carving beautiful wooden birds around town. Chopper’s reign of terror lasted for a month before he was cornered by guardsman Belor Hemlock, and took his own life before a demonic altar hidden under his house on the bluff now known as Chopper’s Rock. After five years of rebuilding, Sandpoint citizens saw the Swallowtail Festival as the start of a new life for everyone, and a chance to finally overcome “the late unpleasantness.”

The heroes wandered around Sandpoint, meeting each other at various locations and exploring on their own. Lily found a great source of infomation in Zordlon, who was able to tell Lily of her particular style of arcane magic. Keegan discovered a well-stocked bookstore in town, though it was closed due to the festival. Zordlon asked around town, hoping to find work as an alchemist to supplement his income during his stay, and was told by fellow scholar Brodert Quink that he would make arrangements. Greg spent his time participating in tests of strength, easily outperforming the local farmers. Symon also tried his luck in tests of coordination, and his skills attracted the attention of several local children, who followed him in awe.




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